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Upskilling school teachers for education-work transition

The project “INSTRUCTION – upskilling school teachers for education-work transition” adapts an innovative tutoring model to facilitate the school-work transition of students; its horizontal priority is to support educators in acquiring basic skills and key competences by strengthening their profiles.

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Cometa Formazione developed a very strong model of tutoring: a team of tutors personally follows every student, in coordination with the teachers and the craftsmen involved in the professional training, for the development of soft skills and the support during training and in choosing a job afterwards.

A tutor is the reference point for one or two classes (on average 25 pupils per class) and supports the educational pathway of each student, thus trying to put together a “tailor-made” educational pathway through activities and projects aimed at ensuring that each student achieves successful education and excellence. Each training period and internship is backed by extensive planning, monitoring and evaluation efforts.



What’s in for you: Consolidation of schools’ and teachers’ identity, and relational competences; Data collection and analysis to project, plan, verify and re-project learners’ educational pathways; Personalization of learners’ education pathways to achieve learners’ personal educational goals; Scheduling and planning of internship activities; Creation of tools to support students in their transition to job

Acquired skills: emotional intelligence, analytical thinking, strategic planning, implementation of changes, critical thinking